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Latest News
Latest News

Arab health in Dubai (28.01.-31.01.2019), Delegation trip to the USA (02.03.-09.03.2016),

Data Protection & Privacy
Data Protection & Privacy

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Impressum – Legal Disclosure

National association of eHealth Systems and Telemedicine – NEST e.V.

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National association of eHealth Systems and Telemedicine – NEST e.V.

Am Borsigturm 12 Vereinsregister Berlin
13507 Berlin Reg.-Nr. VR 29363 B
Tel.: +49 30 60988 3117
Fax: +49 30 60988 3122
E-Mail: info@nest-telemedizin.de


Prof. Dr. Peter Hufnagl | Chairman

Markus Schröder | Deputy Chairman

Ywes Israel | Managing Director


NEST e.V. is responsible within the meaning of the law on the use of teleservices (Teledienstgesetz – TDG) and the Mediendienste-Staatsvertrages (MDStV).


The operator of the Internet offer is responsible as a content provider according to §5 of the teleservice law for the “own” contents, which he holds ready for the use, according to the general laws. Cross-references (“links”) to content provided by other providers are to be distinguished from this own content. By the cross-reference the operator holds in this respect “strange contents” ready for the use. The operator is only responsible for these external contents if he has positive knowledge of them (i.e. also of illegal or punishable contents) and it is technically possible and reasonable for him to prevent their use (§5 Abs. 2 Teledienste-Gesetz). However, “links” are always “living” (dynamic) references. The operator has checked the external content for possible civil or criminal liability at the time of the first link. However, the operator is not obliged to constantly check the contents referred to in this offer for changes that could give rise to a new responsibility. Only if the operator determines or is informed by others that a concrete offer to which he has provided a link triggers civil or criminal liability will the operator remove the reference to this offer, insofar as this is technically possible and reasonable. The technical possibility and reasonableness shall not be influenced by the fact that the illegal or punishable offer can be accessed from other servers even after access from this offer has been prevented.

Brands and trademarks

All trademarks and goods mentioned are the property of their respective owners. Trademark designations on products which are not indicated are registered without the intention of omitting the designation.